Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Question for My Readers

Does anyone know any good essayists or newspaper columnists, that I might not have heard of?

Someone after the manner of Chesterton, C.S. Lewis, Keith Waterhouse, Flann O'Brien, David Sedaris, or Barbara Mikkelson (of

I'm not interested in essayists who write essays full of dense description, or take up esoteric or specialist subjects. I am interested in writers who address the general reader.

(Not Bill Bryson, or any other travel writer. I have no interest in reading a travel writer, even when he or she diversifies to non-travel subjects. Travel writing is something you can't expiate.)


  1. From a specifically Catholic point of view, I rather admire Michael Coren and Joanna Bogle, though perhaps more for being orators than for being columnists. They are probably not really what you are looking for here. And I expect you know of them already!

  2. I've never read them, though I've seen them both on TV. I was thinking of something not directly religious, though. Although I have to admit I always prefer something informed by a religious point of view, even when it's not religious. I just have a sudden craving for essays (whether short or book-length). But thanks for the suggestions.