Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Will the Australian Bishops Bring Back Compulsory Meatless Fridays?

They're thinking about it, according to the Catholic Herald. The English and Welsh bishops did it a few years ago.

I think they should. Avoiding meat on Fridays is pretty much the smallest sacrifice one could make for one's faith, and at the same time, it's a wonderful witness to the world. As the Archbishop of Hobart puts it: "In the past it was one of those practices that everyone knew: Catholics don’t eat meat on Fridays."


  1. Do you think they'll ever bring it back here? Or is it already here and I've just been making a big mistake for the past few years?

  2. They might, with this new breed of more orthodox bishops we're getting. You haven't been making a mistake. But I wouldn't blame you if you had. I spent ages looking for information on Friday penance in Ireland and it's extremely difficult to find-- and when you find it, it's extremely vague.