Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Search That Found My Blog Today

"Irish sex poems".

Three questions:

1) What were they thinking of, exactly? Poems about sex in Ireland? Is there such a genre?

2) How on earth did that direct them to this blog?

3) Were they disappointed?


  1. Every time you bring up these strange searches I try to type in the same thing to see how it redirects to your blog. I realise now that searching for "irish sex poems" is actually not a very wise thing to do - for the sake of ones purity - but I don't think there was really anything too bad. No, I didn't click on any of the links in case you're wondering. I didn't find your blog either.

  2. Ha! Yesterday, in work, I was looking for a picture of a particular actor, to show one of my colleagues, since I think her son looks like him. I did an image search and of course there were lots of shirtless photos of this guy. I'm glad nobody was passing behind me at that moment.

  3. Ha ha ha Aren't image searches fantastic?