Sunday, June 29, 2014

Spinning and Reeling with Love

While I'm linking to my favourite songs, here is a rather obscure one. But it's definitely one of my very favourite, tippermost toppermost songs of all time.

I'm a massive fan of the US version of The Office. (I like the English version, too, though I haven't watched it in many years. Somehow it seems superseded by the US version.) And one of the my favourite episodes is 'A Benihana Christmas' from that show's third (and best) series. Feel-good festive TV is something that everyone tries to make but that too often feels contrived and cheap. 'A Benihana Christmas' pulls it off superbly. (The Office never made a better Christmas episode, and some of their Christmas episodes are real duds. 'Morrocan Christmas' is possibly the worst example.)

In one scene-- showing a karaoke session as the office party is really taking off-- you hear Creed Bratton, the elderly former rock star who plays a version of himself in the show, singing a snatch from his own song "Spinning and Reeling". It's only a few seconds, but it was enough to make me go looking for it on Youtube. And I've listened to it over, and over, and over. (One Lent, I gave up listening to music, and this was the song I chose to break my Lenten music fast!)

It's so sweet and innocent and simple and fizzy.

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