Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Five Reasons Santa Claus is a Propaganda Tool of the Patriarchy

1) He's a MAN, with a long white beard, who comes to deliver gifts every year to little boys and girls. From the earliest age, girls are socialised to believe the nicest things in their lives are a gift from an old man. Talk about conditioning!

2) He's celebrated for being obese. Can you imagine society celebrating a WOMAN for being obese? Sickening double-standard-- body fascism for women, indulgence for men! Look at some pictures of Mrs. Claus. She's usually fairly slim, if not outright male fantasy material!

3) He does one night's "work", which seems to be all flying reindeers and mince pies, and takes the rest of the year off. Preparing boys for fatherhood, if you ask me!

4) Santa. SAINT Nicholas. Christianity! A religion that blames a woman for all the trouble in the world and has oppressed women for centuries! Need I say more? (Believe me, I could go on for hours.)

5) "Ho, ho, ho!". The word 'ho' is used as a degrading term for women and can often be a trigger. Does Santa care about this? Does he heck!

So parents, remember when you tell your kids about Santa that you may as well be handing them over to the patriarchal religious right. Is it so crazy to think we can come up with something better-- a gender neutral, secular, eco-friendly, progressive alternative? YES WE CAN!

Why does Mrs Claus stand for it?

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