Saturday, December 24, 2016

Rick Parfitt RIP

I was quite taken aback to hear the news of Rick Parfitt's death this evening. Perhaps it's no surprise that a hard-living rock star would pass away at the age of sixty-eight. But I was taken aback because it was only yesterday that I happened to watch Bula Quo, the feature film that his band Status Quo put out three years ago.

Rick Parfitt, right

It was a Christmas gift from my office mate-- who also bought himself a copy (surprise surprise, it was very cheap) so that we could talk about it. Ever since I learned about this movie, I've become a little fascinated by its very existence, the dire reviews it received, and the insanely catchy title song-- go on, have a listen to it, and see if you're not humming it a few hours later. I like the dancing, too, and the happy vibe of the video.

I'm a bit surprised at the drubbing the movie received from critics-- what did they expect? It's a fun film that doesn't take itself in the least bit seriously, and is little more than an excuse to put Status Quo in an exotic location, playing their hit songs, and getting into capers. There are even a few genuine laughs.

This isn't the first semi-ironic Status Quo gift I've received-- another of my colleagues bought me the album Rocking All Over The World a good few years ago. Despite this, I'm hardly what you'd call a Status Quo fan-- I doubt I could name ten of their songs. But I do like the hits as much as anyone else.

Being a conservative, I like their name as well.

Eternal rest grant unto Rick Parfitt, oh Lord. May perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.

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