Thursday, January 26, 2017

Torture is Always Wrong

I've been critical of a lot of the hysterical liberal and PC backlash against Donald Trump and his election, especially in the Irish media. In a letter published in The Irish Times, I asked Irish people to remember he was democratically elected, and that he didn't enter the White House in a convoy of tanks. I'm encouraged by how emphatically he's presented his prolife beliefs, although it remains to be seen whether he follows through on this (he has, at least, made a start). I have no problem at all with "America First". Indeed, I think it's a natural reaction to globalisation and to the empire-building of globalising elites. I don't have any problem with the wall. A country has a right to protect its borders.

But his recent approval of torture should be denounced in the strongest terms.

I don't believe torture works. But even if it did work, I think it's always wrong. There are things civilized people should not do even when combating savages. It's very disappointing that the President said this.

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