Wednesday, September 6, 2017

More on the Decline of the Church of England

The Catholic Herald reports that more than half of Britons now describe themselves as non-religious-- a record.  The numbers of Catholics have remained relatively stable, while the decline has been most precipitous amongst Anglicans.

So what is the Catholic Church doing? Increasingly, adopting the very same suicidal approach of the Church of England, of course! 

The Anglican bishop of Liverpool, Paul Bayes, whistles past the graveyard:

“In this modern world people are more willing to be honest and say they have ‘no religion’ rather than casually saying they are ‘CofE’. This honesty is welcome,” he said.

“Of course the latest BSA figures bring a continuing challenge to the churches, to speak clearly of our faith into a sceptical and plural world. But saying ‘no religion’ is not the same as a considered atheism. People’s minds, and hearts, remain open.”

Wikipedia tells me that Paul Bayes is a liberal bishop who thinks the Church of England should "celebrate" homosexuality. It should be understood that, when I lamented the decline of the Church of England in a recent post, I was not lamenting this sort of Anglicanism, but the Anglicanism it replaced. I have no respect at all for such people as this bishop-- at least, I have no respect for their religious liberalism.

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  1. there was a time when we would have expected Catholicism to fill the vacuum if the church of England began to fall apart. but it's a different world now