Saturday, September 16, 2017

Slow News

Here are the current headlines on RTE's website:

FG open up eight-point lead over FF, latest poll shows.

Man arrested in connection with London Tube bombing.

Ryanair say flights cancelled due to messed-up holidays.

Sniffer dog Scooby discovers 230 K worth of cannabis.

U2 cancel St. Louis concert over safety concerns.

Arnotts evacuated after fire breaks out in store.

Search for man swept into sea while fishing in Co. Clare.

With all due respect to the man who fell into sea, and hopes that he is found, I find such "slow news days" immensely soothing and comforting. Not just now, when North Korea is firing missiles all over the place and Islamic terrorism is rampant, but all the time. I take an aesthetic pleasure from them. They are to the calendar what uncelebrated, ordinary towns and villages are to the map.

I have a nasty cold and I've been lying in bed for hours, so I have time to think about such things.


  1. Is this the one and cold you get every few years?
    I'm sure there's been a couple of helicopter crashes this year in Ireland also. Is the West coast always so tragic?
    Are U2 giving refunds ?

    1. Well, once a year may have been understating it.

      The West Coast seems pretty tragic alright. I don't know if U2 are giving refunds, but I imagine they are.