Saturday, September 23, 2017

Rod Dreher on "Dialogue"

Thanks to Hibernicus of the Irish Catholics Forum for drawing my attention to this article from Rod Dreher on the liberal attitude towards "dialogue".

I feel mildly vindicated by this article. I've been sounding the alarm about political correctness for quite some time now. I really do believe its impossible to exaggerate just how insidious, how cancerous it is. And "dialogue" is the false flag under which political correctness loves to march. "Dialogue" sounds so harmless, so reasonable, so non-committal. But it ain't!


  1. To me when people mention "dialogue" in terms of discussion of something sensitive e.g. race, sex, religion, let's say, "let's have an honest discussion on race" I just feel that those that say it have an ego, as if they want their own modern liberal thoughts to be affirmed.

  2. That's exactly what they want. They're trying to put their views on the agenda. That's phase one. Get everything else off the agenda is phase two. Lock the agenda is phase three.