Thursday, December 28, 2017

My Official Christmas Message

Accept no imitations.

Apologies for the crooked collar, which I didn't fix even when I tried. My inability to straighten out my collar drives everybody crazy. I don't think there's anything Chestertonian, intellectual, artistic or clever about it. It's just me being a doofus. I'll try harder.

If I do expand beyond the written word, podcasts might actually be the best option, as I'm not sure how to upload any video longer than a very short one like this.


  1. Besides you,I know four people that were quite ill during the couple of days after Christmas day, either with flu or food poisoning. Only two of these would have eaten the same food or has contact with the same people... It seems more than ever before.
    My aunt didn't survive the pneumonia either, she was buried in the 22nd, probably from Fairview parish.

    1. Oh goodness, I'm terribly sorry to hear that. What was her name? I will keep her in my prayers. That's awful.

  2. Josephine, always called Josie

  3. You're much younger + better looking than your avatar pictures let on, where you look like a sort of pugnacious troll.