Friday, December 22, 2017

Ride Like the Wind

Three years ago, at this very time of year, I was visiting a house of a couple I'd never met before. They seemed nice, but they turned out to be complete and utter jerks, and to have a very baneful influence on my life. I like to boast that I'm the fairest-minded person I've ever met. It's a joke, but it's also kind of true. I really do try to see things from every perspective, and to take criticism seriously. I'm easy meat for jerks like these. As they got to know me better, both became extremely critical of me-- "candid friends", that kind of thing-- and it took me a long, long time to realise nothing they said was true, fair or reasonable.

That's all by the by. They had music on. It was on some kind of computer programme, and the titles of the songs appeared on the screen as each song played. One particular song that was playing took my fancy, and I made a note of the title; Slow Boat to China.

However, when I sought it out later on, I couldn't find it. The song I heard wasn't Slow Boat to China. The songs and titles must have been out of synch.

All I knew of the song was the refrain: "Ba-ba-ba-ba, ba ba BA ba!". Bashfully, I tried humming this to various people, pop culture savants who I thought might recognize it. None of them did. I tried searching on the internet, but I had no luck. (To be honest, I was rather pleased I couldn't find it. In our information overloaded age, it's nice NOT to find something.)

Then tonight...I heard it, completely at random! The song is "Ride Like the Wind" by Christopher Cross. It's a song about a convict fleeing to Mexico. I was surprised at the subject matter, as the tune itself is quite jaunty.

Of course, I was very pleased to hear it. And I can't help hoping it's an omen. The entrance of these jerks into my life heralded a steep dip in fortunes. They can't take all the blame for that, but I do associate them with it. I can't help hoping, now, that some kind of curse is broken.

I have these fancies all the time. I don't want to see ET, which I've never seen, because I didn't watch it on the last day of school in 1988, when it was being shown in one class-room. (It was an undisciplined day when we were allowed to wander from classroom to classroom, and I chose not to watch it.)  As long as I haven't seen it, I feel that both the eighties and my childhood aren't entirely over.


  1. I've always loved that song!

    Re slithering snakes who snipe at the self-confidence of others in order to make themselves feel superior ... I've always been a fairly harsh critic of myself - and so, when others try to take me to task over what they claim are my failings, saying that they are just being hard on me for my own good, if what they have to say doesn't match up with what I already know, I just add them to my list of dangerous lunatics to be avoided at all costs in the future (also known as jerks!).

    1. Thanks for that, Father. I hope I'm moving more towards that kind of self-assurance. And I'm definitely being more selective about who I listen to, and how seriously I take to them. I'm always amused by something C.S. Lewis writes in Surprised by Joy, something like: "I had no conception of the amount of nonsense that is spoken in the world."

      It's a great song! I also like his "Arthur's Theme", so I may seek out more of his stuff.

  2. Have had similar experience looking for particular tunes.
    Thank you for posting your poetry also

  3. It's an intriguing and unique experience, isn't it? Trying to track down a tune, I mean.

    I'm glad you liked the poetry!