Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Unaccustomed As I Am....

That's a tuft of white hair on my beard!


  1. Comes over very clear. Nice fresh weather in background.

    I started going grey at twenty.

    I actually looked up Angelico a week or so ago to see if your book was published at this stage, seeing that you'd mentioned December once, but they hadn't listed it at the time. Angelico is sold here, but the main religious supplier in our city is three buses away, so I'd rather make sure that it HAD arrived first.
    Secular bookstores used to not mind ordering anything in once you had the isbn, but I've noticed the attitude in recent years is more one of 'you can get it cheaper online, so go ahead'.

    1. I've been told it should come out in January. It's nice you were checking, though.