Monday, August 20, 2018

Inspiration from the Saints...The Blog!

I have created a new blog based on the concept of my book.

You can look at it here.

I'm hoping to add to it in the future-- not only more quotations, but other saints-related content, as well. I'm hoping it will be the kind of website that someone could happily browse for hours.


  1. It's probably a better link (to tack on to the end of text messages,say) than just sending the ad from Amazon, or even the review. Unfortunately, most of the people I have any dealings with either have heaps of holy books already or are not interested in having any, but it's no harm

  2. I hate asking people for things. The whole promotional aspect of a book seems to be asking, asking, asking....give me, give me, give me. I hope this website will be more OFFERING something, that might also make them want to buy the book. And also good for its own sake.

  3. I notice three of the statues are St Anne; is she still popular? I anyways find it intriguing that the perhaps most three famous St Anne's churches in Ireland, in Dublin, Belfast and Cork are Church-of-Ireland.

  4. I used this photo because it was a variation on the usual "Communion of saints" paintings which are usually used in such contexts. I barely looked at it, I must admit. I rarely hear anyone mention St. Anne myself. I think she has suffered with our modern wariness of apocryphal stories (which I share).