Wednesday, August 22, 2018

More Unicorn Poetry!

I'm very happy to publish this latest addition to the corpus of Unicorn Poetry, from Corey Carolla in Tabernacle, New Jersey. Corey is fifteen years old and wants to be a mechanical engineer when he grows up. He tells me that when he read my blog post Unicorn Poetry: A Manifesto, he realized he had been writing Unicorn Poetry since he was seven. Thanks, Corey!

The Scented Candle

Kind, kind, kind, kind
A healing place for the harried mind.
A little Heaven here below,
This scented candle and its glow.

Soft, soft, soft, soft,
Holding the banner of hope aloft.
The warmest little world I know.
This scented candle and its glow.

Candles are an important image and theme in Unicorn poetry. Indeed, I can easily anticipate a whole anthology of Unicorn poems about candles. I encourage Unicorn poets to draw on this image, which is inexhaustible.

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