Thursday, July 8, 2021

My Audio Article

I've just noticed that one of my Ireland's Own articles (on streets names named after Irish people around the world) is available on audio at the Ireland's Own website. If you want to hear it, clicked on the link below and scroll down to the thirteenth title. (The picture shows actor David Murray, from the ad I mention at the start of the article.)

I really like the voice of the guy reading it.

And (while I'm at it) here's an eleven-year-old video of one of my poems read by a woman, presumably from Hull. It's a poem I submitted to the website a little after my legendary trip to Hull. It's managed to accumulate 140 views in more than a decade, which is not great. The poem is possibly a little bit more cryptic than most of my poems. I was really trying to convey how childhood, despite being a stage in our lives, seems never-ending and timeless while it's happening.

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