Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hating Hype

A far-from-exhaustive list of "must-see" TV shows of which I've never seen so much as one complete episode (and very often, not so much as a single frame):

Breaking Bad

The Sopranos


How I Met Your Mother

Desperate Housewives



Game of Thrones

Band of Brothers

The Wire

Six Feet Under

Downtown Abbey



Grey's Anatomy




House of Cards


It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A list of the physical, intellectual, cultural, social and spiritual consequences I've suffered for not seeing any of these:

None whatsoever

A list of TV shows I do watch:

The Office (US version)

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: Voyager


  1. I've only seen Lost and I started watching Downton Abbey from about the second season on. I mostly watch the news though.

  2. I did watch Dexter for a couple of series and would always watch Frasier if I cam e across an episode but otherwise all present (or rather absent) and correct. In fact, if I hear something get called "must-see TV", I bristle a bit and am less likely to watch it as a result.

    I do watch Match of the Day and MotD2. Old habits die hard but it is a great programme, better than ever in modern incarnations. Live Celtic games at home in Champions League are also irresistible.

    Otherwise, Strictly Come Dancing holds sway in our house and I genuinely really like it. Judges are tremendous, intriguing characters and I love the insights to the whole science of dancing (so far beyond my reach in any applied sense). Great throwback to old style family viewing too.

    Otherwise, must watch TV is Hitchens on Question Time: furnish your minds with beauty. His finest moment...

  3. My niece watched Strictly Come Dancing and I quite enjoyed being in the same room when it was on, it was nice and gentlemanly, nobody humiliated or mocked. And I liked that lovely Aleisha Dixon! As for Match of the Day, it's a long, long time since I watched it. I was into soccer in my teens but completely lost track of it later. The last soccer-related thing I did, I think, was watch The Damned United a few months ago. I learned today that John Motson is from Harpenden, which is a village I have some (distant) acquaintance with as I own a bound copy of a parish magazine from there, from the early twentieth century.

    Really, this post was a rather petulant reaction to the assumption that everybody watches particular TV shows...especially one that I'm sick of hearing about right now!