Monday, October 28, 2013

I Went to See Ender's Game Today...

...and thought it was a thoroughly enjoyable piece of cinema. The story was extremely far-fetched (I mean, even allowing for all spaceships and aliens) and Harrison Ford hammed it up to the seventh heaven, but I wasn't bored for even a moment of its running time, and the visuals were amazing.

How do people not go to the cinema for years at a time, or at all? I don't understand it. There are not many experiences that can compare with it for intensity, depth, and for arousing that aspect of our humanity that is so unspeakably precious-- our sense of awe.

Though watching a DVD at home has an appeal of its own (and is, to my mind, a lot more romantic than a trip to the cinema, if you have someone there to hug), the cinema experience is unique and irreplaceable and out on its own.

And science fiction films (along with horror and fantasy, but especially science fiction) always have a head-start when it comes to exploiting the potential of the big screen.

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  1. I actually don't go to the cinema that often. I think it's because I'm usually busy when something of interest is on, and so I just don't bother making time to see it. It's good fun when I do get the time to go though.