Friday, October 25, 2013

Pro-Life Students Stand up for their Rights in University College Dublin

There is a heartening front-page story in the latest issue of The College Tribune, a UCD free-sheet that is notably liberal and pro-abortion:

A group calling themselves 'UCD Students Against Abortion' [notice the subtle dig at their legitimacy] has stated that its members will request to leave UCD Students' Union if the union does not repeal its current stance on abortion.

This follows on from the abortion preferendum, in which students voted to see the union adopt a stance that would legalise abortion in Ireland.

Speaking to the College Tribune, group spokesperson [sic] Samuel O'Connor said that they will be petitioning UCDSU president Micheál Gallagher to request that the union retract their current stance. This petition will outline how the group members feel-- that they "are no longer represented by the union" and that it was "beyond the unions [sic] power to even conduct such a referendum".

Later on, the article states: "Every student in Ireland is automatically a member of their universities or institutes of technologies [double sic] Students' Union." Which makes the action of UCDSU in adopting such a controversial and partisan stance quite blatantly wrong.

Good luck to UCD Students Against Abortion!


  1. I've always hated the idea of the Student Union. 4 years in College, and I've not seen a single noticeable thing done by the wasters. Oh, unless you count the rather hilarious LGBT week when they hang rainbow flags everywhere. Good for these students anyway.

  2. Well, I do use the Student's Union shop, so I benefit from them in that way. I've always liked the students in UCD, but I don't think they are up to much in the way of independent thought, or looking past the propaganda they've been drip-fed all their days.

  3. They wouldn't be much different from the students in any other college / university then.

  4. what happened to the prolife majority?

  5. Find me anywhere where I claimed there was a prolife majority in Ireland, never mind in UCD, and I'll buy you a doughnut.

  6. I refer you especially to this thread on the Irish Catholic's Forum