Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Knocking at an Open Door

I have a short article about G.K. Chesterton in The Open Door Magazine, a parish magazine given away free in the Kildare area. It's on page twenty-seven and the plan is that it will be the first of a series. It can be downloaded from the website here (latest issue on left-hand side of the screen).

I had never heard of this publication until the editor contacted me. I like the fact that it's local, since I'm a fervent localist. I also like the grab-bag, family magazine style, since I have warm childhood memories of Ireland's Own and Ireland's Eye (I still occasionally read the former). But I didn't expect it to come to anyone's attention, so I was surprised when a colleague (who lives in Palmerstown) said to me, out of the blue: "I was reading an article you wrote..." You never can tell.

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  1. I read what your wrote on the Chesterton Society blog. They were all enjoyable to read. Nice work.