Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Easter Prayer

First of all, I pray for Michelle, the light of my life.

I pray for all the Christian people of the world, that this Eastertide will bring a rekindling of their faith, and that we move ever closer to being one in Christ.

I offer a prayer of thanks to my guardian angel, who has lit my path for so many years, and who I so seldom remember.

I pray for all the worshippers at the Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary churches, Ballymun, whose combined congregations celebrated the Easter Vigil a few hours ago.

I pray for Katy-Louise, the little girl whose baptism we celebrated at that Vigil. May Christ be the light of her life.

I pray for all the priests of the world, who pass on to us the flame of the Apostles. I pray that the Holy Spirit sends us more priests, and fans the flames of vocation in young men and women who are called to the priesthood and to religious life.

I pray for all my family, living and dead. I pray for all the ancestors whose names and faces I never knew, but who passed the torch of life to me.

I pray for everyone who ever called me friend.

I pray for Ireland, that it may once again shine out as a Christian witness to all the nations.

I pray for everyone who reads this blog, that your prayers are answered and that God reveals Himself to you in many and wonderful ways.

Happy Easter!


  1. Thank you and Happy Easter to you brother!
    Let's rejoice: He is alive.

    (a long-time lurker from Sardinia, Italy)

  2. Amen! And Happy Easter to you too!

  3. It's the articles like this that always make me feel silly getting around to reading them late. These were very nice and sweet prayer requests Maolsheachlann. A belated Happy Easter.

  4. Not belated at all, Antaine, it's still not Pentecost Sunay! Happy Easter and thanks!