Sunday, April 27, 2014

Organized Religion Is, As We All Know, A Terrible Thing...

...but it has its moments. Like today, when all the Catholic world will be rejoicing over our two new Pope saints, most of the Christian world (apart from the minority of ultra-Protestants who still talk about the Whore of Babylon) will be joining in, other religions (for the most part) will be sending their congratulations and best wishes, and all but the sourest of secularists will find themselves getting caught up in the atmosphere of celebration and warmth.

In the same way, free verse poets always seem to draw on traditional poetry for their epigraphs and allusions.

In the same way, even the most hardcore art-house movie fan puts Bridget Jones's Diary or It's a Wonderful Life in the DVD player when they're feeling depressed.

Some things just work.


  1. Regarding the canonisations, I briefly heard one RTE radio prog. in which two kill joy Catholic religious disapproved of the ceremony.

  2. On what grounds? It could be anything!