Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Help Request

So I've been looking for help from some of my "contacts" to locate pictures of some saints, which I want for my book. I've pretty much secured all the permission for text passages now. But I need high-resolution images of the following saints, which I have permission to use, and I've been having a devil of a time finding them. I thought this part would be quite easy.

An editor I know suggested asking for help on my blog. In the spirit of knocking on the door rather than trying to climb in the window, I've decided to do just that. What's to lose?

St. Andrew Besette
Blessed Charles of Mount Argus
Blessed John Henry Newman
The Children of Fatima
St. Therese of Lisieux's parents
St. Migeul Pro (especially the photo of him being executed)
St. Bartolo Logo
St. Bernadette

St. Bernadette at the time of her death
St. Catherine Labouré
St. Frances Xavier
St. Maximillian Kolbe
St. Peter Eymard
St. Philip Howard
St. Pius X
St. Therese of Lisieux


  1. Hope I'm not waking you up!
    A young man here(actually the custodian of the St Gemma relic) has been in touch with shrines and religious orders about saints for years and would have a good idea re- images and how available they are for copying. It's called the Saints and Sacred Relics apostolate, contactable through Facebook.com
    "ssraperth",(no italics )

    1. Thank you so much, Séámus! No, you didn't wake me up, I always sleep like the Kraken. That's very helpful.

  2. His name is Giovanny, if you are getting in contact, spelt with Y. He's actually got little Italian in him that I know of. It's easy enough getting pictures on internet or books ,but publishing is another thing.
    Here, the ' Brown' Josephites whose foundress, St Mary MacKillop is Australia's only canonised saint are notoriously strict about any of her pictures being copied without permission.
    My mother wrote to the Sisters in rue du Bac some years back about copying their Catherine Labouré book for a parish display, they replied in the affirmative(in hand-written English) but it was only a small thing compared with publishing a book.
    There is a contemporary stained glass window in St Thomas More Catholic residential college at university of Western Australia of Cardinal Newman, it was made years before his beatification, by Dublin artist Richard King. It's actually made to look Irish due to his role in UCD. Also three other "uni saints": John Fisher,Bellarmine and Contardo Ferrini(who I'm surprised isn't on your lift being a university lay -man). Sorry I don't know any links for this.

  3. Sorry Moalsheachlann, will you consider me an online stalker if I include one more thing? St Thérèse is easy enough to find I know, but our cathedral here has an amazing window in it's sacristy of the saint-the eyes look so alive-it's more like her than most picture-pictures. I think it's from Hardiman in Birmingham, the crowd that worked with Pugin. They might be able to help on cathedral@perthcatholic.org.au
    One would have to emphasise the sacristy window, as the celestory St Therese wouldn't be quite as good.
    The city's Blessed Sacrament chapel has a window of Peter Julian Emyard, it's not great quality: The chaplain is on jwalsh@allsaintschapel.or (maybe add au?); he's a minimalist priest but he wouldn't mind helping.
    The uni chapel I mentioned is on stmc.uwa.edu.au
    I've probably given you a headache by now, but thanks for listening

    1. I'm very grateful indeed for all your help! I'll look into all of those, thanks SO much, it's really good of you. I've been pretty lost on this so it means the world that I've had suggestions like this.

      I had an astonishingly rude response from one religious order, but I won't say which.

    2. P.S. What does "minimalist priest" mean?

  4. He doesn't seem to agree with having a lot of images or furniture in the chapel, but it is a Blessed Sacrament chapel, quite a lot of priests would feel the same.