Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Extra Mall

Some people find dreams boring. Some find them interesting. I find them very interesting.

I have many recurring dreams, but one which intrigues me especially is the dream of the fifth mall.

When I was growing up, Ballymun shopping centre was the busy centre of the suburb. Four rows of shops radiated, in a cruciform shape, from a central plaza. They were called the North Mall, East Mall, West Mall, and South Mall.

I have recurring dreams of another mall, one which is less busy and which is very often nearly deserted. Sometimes there are no shops in it, only store-houses for the other shops. Usually it is deserted. Sometimes there is a pub on it. Its existence always seems strangely exotic and exciting. In these dreams, I am always a child.

What on earth could this mean?

(The shopping centre is still there, but now it only contains one pharmacist and one betting shop. The rest of its outlets are disused.)


  1. Séamus(Australia)April 30, 2017 at 3:58 AM

    Heaven knows if it means anything.
    I've dreamt several times through the years about a church near us that I haven't attended for years. The church itself is nondescript, the present building is 50s utilitarian but not modern enough to be called ugly. The strange thing is that these dreams are always dystopian. In the dreams St Joachim's is either the only building left standing after a holocaust ,or I'm hiding from someone in the bell tower(once from a secret worldwide organisation), once a satanic cult was trying to break in to desecrate the church...I have no idea why I dream about this church in particular for these dreams