Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Heart of the Political Correctness Problem

Just a very quick post to put forward my own theory, or my own vision, of what lies at the heart of the political correctness problem.

The problem is that PC is not only the establishment, but it's an ongoing revolution. The politically correct don't see PC as being the norm today-- or, if they do, they think it's long overdue and not nearly enough. They are pushing for much, much more. They think ordinary language, entertainment, advertising etc. is outrageously racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

For instance, the PC brigade think that media coverage of Islamic terrorism is Islamaphobic, while anti-PC people think (correctly, in my view) that it's far too cautious. (This is just an example. I think Islam is a complicated issue and I don't go along with the "bash Islam at every opportunity" agenda. Insulting the heritage and the religious identity of millions of people is, in my view, both unwise and unseemly. But that doesn't mean we have to be naive or dishonest.)

When there is such a disparity, I don't think goodwill and "dialogue" is possible. You have two mental worlds living alongside each other, and in inevitable tension. Personally I feel I am deep-sea diving whenever I venture into the mainstream media, mainstream entertainment, or even social interaction involving PC people. I couldn't breathe in that element for very long.


  1. To be honest I find it quite hard to reason with such people. It's awfully weird that they constantly, when some pet issue comes up (say, race here in the US or sexuality) , say something of the likes of "Let's start some honest dialogue." When they talk modernism rears it's ugly head. Throw in relativism. Throw in "the more science becomes sophisticated the more religion is put into a corner." Many of the arguments could be turned into a TED Talk (shudder) without missing a beat.

    Just recently I was on Facebook, a couple of pages I subscribe to posted articles, positive ones, about Christianity. The comment section was littered with posts that dismissed Christianity. And these right of center and libertarian pages.

    In the game of PC conservatism or traditionalism will always - always - be the enemy. Complain about SJW's and there will be someone saying you're complaining just the like the SJW's. The point is completely missed. Try to live out your faith and you're considered maligning modernists. But it's totally cool to live out the rainbow flag.

    It's a lose lose situation because modernism A) practices double standard and B) really is a hypocrite.

    1. Well, this is exactly what I'm talking about. And somehow it's even worse when you see that someone is making a REAL EFFORT to get outside a PC mindset, but actually can't step one inch outside his or her cave. It gives me a sense of complete futility. I do value dialogue (though I hate the word) and calm discussion, but it just seems impossible when everything is off the table from the start.

      How far this translates from the media or the internet to real life is another matter. I mean, I know real-life SJWs and I tease them about their beliefs and they tease me about my beliefs and it all seems very affectionate. The question is, though, which is actually the more "real" context? The question I wonder about is whether my SJW acquaintances, all joking aside, would actually want me to be penalized or silenced. Maybe they would. Doctrine operates in a different way from the rest of life. You can see this in war-time, or civil war, when people who were friendly suddenly become ruthless towards each other.

  2. Séamus (Australia)April 16, 2017 at 2:47 AM

    Believe it or not our SUNDAY TIMES of Perth today had an editorial by someone named David Penberthy, who I think is a regular journo, illustrated with a lovely Crucifixion in stained glass titled STAND UP FOR YOUR FAITH. Among other things he writes "I am not religious at all and,frankly, believe the world would be a better place if no one were. But it puzzles me that those who adhere to decent Christian values can be so lame in defending those values against others that in their radical form are demonstrably intolerant"
    "Royal Adelaide hospital has been designed to include a specially designed Muslim prayer room. There will be a separate namby-pamby multi-faith room where every other denomination will get dumped together.....a 60% Christian country seems to be doing a very diligent job catering to the expectations of it's 2% Muslim population.... there wasn't a peep from the Christian churches"
    "in NSW...there was a shameful discussion within a regional area health care service as to whether the female circumcision practices of some local African migrant communities should no longer be banned... All these things are white flag thinking on the past of the supposedly liberal West"
    Not sure what backlash in the letters page next Sunday week be.

    1. That's a truly horrific and depressing story, most especially if there really "wasn't a peep" from the Christian churches. Truly, PC Christianity is utterly moribund; it's a fossil pure and simple.