Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Herod Laughs

So, the so-called Citizens Assembly has reached its pre-ordained conclusion and called for the liberalisation of Ireland's abortion laws, giving the government an excuse to hold a referendum.

I pray almost every day for Ireland to be protected from abortion. (Of course, our laws against abortion have already been weakened.) I'd urge readers to pray the same.

Abortion, to me, is perhaps the strongest argument against the theory that "it doesn't matter what you believe, as long as you're a good person." I have never heard a good argument for abortion, and I actually refuse to accept that anyone can seriously believe that the killing of the unborn is legitimate.The fact that the majority in most modern societies have convinced themselves that it's OK only show that metaphysics matters.


  1. "make a stand before them
    Old ways follows the beaten track
    Against the wind...
    Against the wind..."
    Probably taken out of context

  2. I agree that the conclusion was foregone but still very upsetting. I think there are a lot of talented leaders in the pro life groups (and a broad majority of people who are fairly pro life) but I think we need a miracle to protect our country

  3. Sadly I agree. However, I think it should be remembered that it's not all about legislation-- a strong prolife movement stops abortion from becoming a matter of consensus.