Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guessing Game

Recently I've been contemplating a blog post about a sale-of-work I attended in my school, as a child. (Actually, it was an annual event, so it's really several sales-of-work.) It had quite an effect on me and I wanted to write about that.

Then I wondered if my readers could guess what I was going to say about it, what effect it had on me.

I'm intrigued to see would anyone be able to guess.


  1. Either a) you bought your first book
    b) you bought your best inserts for the viewmaster
    c) you accidentally walked into a young lady that ended up being your wife

  2. Remarkably, all three!

    No, not really. Good guesses though.

  3. That people were capable of a standard of art- or craftwork whom you had never thought would be; that there turned out to be unlikely common ground between people. And perhaps unlikely differences between people. And that everything was, perhaps surprisingly, well-made? Or bore no signs of mass culture?

    Those are my guesses!

    1. You're fairly close, especially with your last guess. But perhaps "sale-of-work" was a misleading term (although it was the term that was used, or the Irish equivalen). There was very little "work" on sale, except in the form of baked goods. It was mostly just donated second-hand stuff.

    2. Hmm. That there was an originality to the items on sale, then? Or a variety?

    3. Well, I think you're as close as anyone could reasonably get. I really just wanted to ask the question because I worried I was getting absurdly predictable and monotonous. So I'm kind of relieved someone didn't get it straight off the bat.

    4. Not predictable or monotonous at all! You quite often say or write about things I don't expect. And what I do expect tends to be precisely what draws me into your readership.

    5. Why, thank you. Well, I'll proceed with my Sale of Work article then, when I get the chance!