Friday, January 18, 2013

A Question

Does anybody know any churches in Dublin that are open outside Mass times?

Now and again, on a Saturday, I hop on a bus in search of churches to visit (and caf├ęs to sit and read in). But very often the churches aren't open, so I'd like to know which ones actually are.

They don't have to be old or pretty or architecturally interesting. I find a little chapel or oratory just as interesting as an historical chuch.

All help gratefully appreciated!


  1. When I was there, St Kevin's at Harrington St was always open. So was University CHurch at St Stephen's Green.

  2. Gardiner Street Church, St. Saviour's up the Ilac Centre end of Dorset Street, The Visitation on Fairview, St. Vincent de Paul in Marino, 9-1pm St. Agatha's on William Street. Your best bet is to buzz them in the office to be sure, mind you.

  3. Thank you both!

    I never use the phone if I can possibly, POSSIBLY help it. I grudge every single second I spend on that infernal contraption. I really and truly hate it.

    I am actually more interested in suburban churches than city centre churches, though I didn't mention that in my post. So I may well visit all those mentioned but the Marino one interests me the most.