Friday, January 18, 2013

The "Takes All Sorts" Awards Goes to...

The internet is evil and terrible, but I can't help loving all the oddball stuff you come across on it.

Like this website-- Signed by the Beatles-- which (as it very simply and plainly puts it) "is a website dedicated to the discussion and analysis of Beatles signatures." It also has photos. Lots of photos.

You might be wondering how much discussion and analysis you could possibly get out of Beatles signatures.

Well, read this:

"Of course the signatures are amazingly clear and bold. Each Beatle inscribed each letter. How unique is that? Well put it this way, get four people together, have them sign there [sic] names, and check out the result. Likely there will be a few letter omissions amongst the group. Not on this piece though. I particularly like the elongated space between the “o” and “h” in “John.” Additionally, they all signed it in perfect spaces next to their image. "

Yes, that much discussion.

I love that kind of thing. It makes the world seem an infinitely fascinating place where you might find every possible type of character and enthusiasm.

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