Monday, January 14, 2013

Just Had This Exchange with My Father

He was asking me what my MP3 player was and I was trying to explain. "You can put music on it", I said. "Or audiobooks, if you want".

"I'd hate to be reading an audiobook on that little screen", he said.

Sometimes I wonder if his techno-bewilderment is rather contrived-- a little like the judge who supposedly asked, "Who are the Beatles?" at the height of Beatlemania. He regularly asks me to send a "telex" on his behalf.

(If all this makes him sound a bit of an eejit, nothing could be further from the truth-- he is the wisest and sharpest person I've ever known. Read here for an article-length letter he wrote on the death of rural Ireland, which was published in The Irish Examiner in August.)

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