Monday, January 21, 2013

They're All Coming Out of the Woodwork Now

Letter from Pat Buckley in The Irish Times today:

Sir, – Twenty-six years ago they came for me and no one did anything. Today they have come for Fr Tony Flannery. Tomorrow they will come for you. – Yours, etc,


Larne, Co Antrim.

How do you fit so much self-pity, delusion of grandeur, paranoia and self-dramatization into two lines?

Yeah, I know. Charity. I know. On another day, I would probably not be so glib. But really-- "Tomorrow they will come for you?" What is that even supposed to mean? Does "Bishop" Buckley have images of Pope Benedict and Cardinal Muller (the new prefect of CDF) sneaking through a bedroom window in the middle of the night and pulling the unsuspecting reader out of bed feet first-- presumably to a torture chamber hidden under the bowels of the Vatican?

Wait, what's that noise....

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Aaaaaahhhhh!!! Help! Help! Call Dan Brown! Call Patsy McGarry! Call Fr. Brian D'Arcy! Call somebody! You're next, reader! You're neeeeext.....(voice trails off into silence).

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