Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Email to my Local TD's

Dear Mr. Ellis, Ms. Shortall and Mr. Lyons

I am thirty-five years old. It's a long time since I voted for any of the mainstream parties (Sinn Féin included); I can't actually recall if I ever did vote for any of them, but I seem to remember voting for Labour at the start of my voting life.

However, since the issue of abortion is of such surpassing importance, I would be ready to vote for a mainstream party that stood up for the right to life, even if I had to overlook a lot of other things I didn't like about their policies. Similarly, I would never vote for a party that supported abortion, no matter how much I approved of their other policies. (Of course, I would take the same attitude to an independent candidate.)

This is by far the most important issue you will ever face in your political career; the opportunity to do the most good, or to do the most evil. A great deal of politics and public life is much ado about nothing; this is a matter of life and death in the starkest terms.

As champions of the left you are supposed to fight for the most vulnerable, the powerless, the voiceless. Is there anyone more vulnerable, powerless and voiceless than the child in the womb?

If the Dáil votes on abortion legislation in 2013, you will have the opportunity to help prevent a holocaust in Ireland. I beg you to take it.

Yours sincerely

Maolsheachlann O Ceallaigh
74, Sillogue Gardens

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