Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I do not join in the anti-Valentine's Day chorus for several reasons:

1) It has its origins in Christianity;
2) It is not a made-up "Hallmark holiday" but one that goes back centuries;
3) I am passionately in favour of special and "themed" times and places, in general.
4) It doesn't have to be a commercial racket. Like all festivals, you could observe it without being extravagant.
5) I got a free chocolate heart with my cup of coffee in the UCD café this morning.

Things that are not so good about Valentine's Day:

1) You can't check for mail (as I do every single day, both in work and at home; I love getting things in the mail, please note my address is 74 Sillogue Gardens, Ballymun, Dublin 11) without everyone assuming you are looking for a Valentine's Day card;
2) If you look gloomy, you are suspected of being downcast that you are left out.
3) Danger of Barry White songs being played on the radio and in shops, etc.

So that's five good points and three bad points. And I have to admit that I like Barry White so even that is a good point.

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