Saturday, February 16, 2013

More from Harpenden-- How New Are the New Atheists?

From the Parish Notes of the April 1913 issue of The Harpenden Parish Magazine:

We want to complete the scheme for the Parish Church, and there has come to the front a most urgent need, and one which I feel I must press along. WE MUST ENLARGE COLD HARBOUR SUNDAY SCHOOL. I can't rest with the fact before me, that the school having increased its numbers so largely, is now, together with the Mission Church, which is also used as a Sunday School, unable to cope with the demands on its space. WE MUST ENLARGE THE SCHOOL. This is not an age in which we can neglect the children. Forces are at work, men and women are straining to teach children to blaspheme God. They are in earnest, and money is forthcoming to build and rent places where the children can be educated on a Sunday to deride the Christian faith. In London, in all our big towns, such efforts are increasing by leaps and bounds. And I must appeal to you my parishioners, who are true believers in the Divine Master, to strengthen my hands and cheer my heart, by your ready response to my appeal.

This volume is absolutely and utterly fascinating. Best three euro I ever spent.

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