Monday, February 18, 2013

Why are the Irish so Petty and Critical?

This was a question that brought a visitor to my blog today.

Of course, there are several answers, all of which are common knowledge:

1) The constant rain
2) Eight hundred years of British occupation
3) Fianna Fáil
4) The phlegmatic Celtic temperament
5) An oppressive, misogynistic, reactionary (etc. etc. etc. etc.) Catholic Church
6) Excessive expectations in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Thank you for your visit. Please come again.


  1. Are these reasons given by your peers and family, or are they your own (tongue-in-cheek, if so)?

  2. Oh, they are just the kind of thing one hears all the time, bandied about as indisputable fact!

    Well, not the sixth, so much.