Monday, February 11, 2013

Various Angry Women on Panel Shows...

...saying how Pope Benedict didn't listen to women, doesn't respect women, etc. etc.

One wonders whether these women ever feel presumptious speaking on behalf of millions of their sisters who admire Pope Benedict and who don't share their own sense of burning grievance.

Patsy McGarry on his usual anti-Catholic rant on Tonight with Vincent Browne. How this man can be religious correspondent of The Irish Times is beyond me. He barely makes a pretence of neutrality.

Oh goodness. Vincent Browne's panel is so anti-Catholic and anti-orthodox he's ended up being an angel's advocate and defending the Church's refusal to base its morality on opinion polls. That says it all, really. Dr. Vincent Twomey has the three other guests and the host all shouting him down.

Quotation from Vincent Browne: "Let's move on from the subject of abortion. I want to talk about gay marriage."

I came across a good proverb once. Dogs bark, but the caravan goes on. Let the dogs bark tonight. Nobody will ever spend so much time analyzing the legacy of a liberal theologian.

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