Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Absolutely Love This Picture

Not only for the fact that different religious leaders are praying together, but for the deep seriousness that is etched on their faces and evident in their postures. (They are actually praying before the tomb of St. Francis of Assissi). I think it's a way better illustration of ecumenism than that stupid "Coexist" bumper sticker (if you haven't seen the bumber sticker, its image is formed-- fairly cleverly, I must admit-- using various religious symbols such as the cross and the Star of David to represent the letters).

Incidentally, readers may have noticed that I hardly ever use pictures in this blog. It's mostly because I am iffy about the question of copyright. I've ventured to use this picture because it is so widely reproduced that it seems to be in the public domain, and also because I imagine it originated from the Church itself. I would welcome advice in this regard-- is it fair use to take images from news websites, and so forth?

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