Tuesday, March 14, 2017

E.U. Attacks Religious Freedom-- Another Reason to Get Out

Employers can refuse employees permission to wear visible religious symbols.

To me, the matter seems quite straightforward. Whatever good you think the European Union has achieved, membership in it is giving a hostage to fortune. It's a supranational institution well-placed to impose a particular view of the world on its consituent states. In our time, it's the perfect instrument for a liberal secular elite to enforce liberal secularism on Europe. Surely the Catholic principle of subsidiarity should favour national sovereignty. The fact that the Vatican tends to favour institutions such as the E.U. only shows, in my view, that the Vatican is pervaded by the same supranationalist outlook.

You might think this is a reasonable ruling, even a victory against Islam. I disagree. A person should be allowed to express their religious identity in all parts of their life. This is very disturbing.

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