Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Twilight Zone

Today I received, in my work email, full minutes of quite a dramatic and eventful meeting, which listed me as one of two representatives of a particular committee who were present (my name spelled perfectly).

It was quite surprising, considering I was at no such meeting, I know nothing about the matters under discussion, and I don't know any of the other people who were in attendance.

Sounds like the beginning of a horror story, doesn't it?


  1. Keep us informed about that one!
    When I read through the obituaries today(and I'm not calling it a horror story by any means, although she'd been through one many years ago) I saw the death notice for a Sr Irena Kasprzyk RSM. An unusual name for a Mercy Sister(although there have been a couple from Italian backgrounds here also). Actually, she was one of a large group of women and children who were transported to Siberia from Poland during WWII. They eventually walked from Russia, through the Middle East to Africa-I'm not sure why they couldn't return to Poland, but it was communist-run by that time-eventually they came here under the sponsorship of the Irish archbishop of Perth(from OileanCiarraí) He provisioned their education, mostly through religious. She's the only one I've heard of who eventually joined an order. Not sure if she ever went to Dublin to visit Baggot street, but she was a lovely person (you'll be happy to know had a devotion to Divine Mercy) and it shows how far-reaching the influence of Irish congregations has been.
    Hope you sort all that email stuff out!

  2. Thanks! And God bless the soul of Sr. Irena! She sounds like a great woman!