Monday, March 13, 2017

Prolife Student Activist Elected Student's Union President in UCD

Here's The Irish Times report. (I can only read the first few lines myself because non-subscribers can only read so many articles a week, and I've hit my ceiling.)

UCD is the university I work in!

Well done, Katie!


  1. She's nice looking too.
    I just read in THE WEST AUSTRALIAN that Perth will become the first city in Australia to hold horse racing on Good Friday. The reporter was fair enough to quote a 69-year-old jockey, described as the country's oldest, who said he would boycott. "They're not respecting the meaning of Easter... It seems they are only interested in money...I go to church on Good Friday. There's enough racing dates already. I think its ridiculous to also race on Good Friday. This is totally wrong"
    Perhaps not the same impact as when the younger generation speak, but inspiring nevertheless.

  2. Interesting article here. This young lady has written for Alive!, a VERY conservative and hard-hitting Catholic freesheeet in Ireland. And the UCD Student's Union mandate is offically pro-abortion, so she's going to have some navigating to do. I'm sad to hear about Perth. Holding some days as special seems an enormously important fight to me. You don't have to be Catholic or even Christian to agree with it.