Monday, March 20, 2017

Less Blog, More Book

I've been blogging pretty frenetically recently. There's a few different reasons for this, but partly it's because I have something else to be doing, and I've been rather avoiding it.

I should be working on the revised manuscript of my book. I have been working on it...a little....but I have to focus on it now.

I'm hoping that posting this will deter me from too many posts in the future! I'll still post, but I'll try to make it once a week or something like that.

My blog has probably never had a better reception, in terms of number of readers, numbers of people commenting, and people emailing me. It's all very much appreciated.

In the Jeffrey Archer book As the Crow Flies, a character comments that people are reluctant to walk into a shop if they don't see any other customers inside. I've never felt that myself, but I think something similar applies to blogs. Seeing comments is very encouraging to internet browsers, I know from experience.

I also very much appreciate the response when I asked for emails, the time I was feeling down. I was surprised and very touched.

Well, I'll still be blogging, but less frequently for the next couple of months. Please don't go away!


  1. I won't scarper! Hope the work on the book goes well. It will give me a chance to catch up with some of the posts I've had to skim. You write as fast as I can read!

    1. Thanks Dominic! I've always aspired to be like Isaac Asimov: "I think through my fingers". Not quite at that level!!

  2. I second the motion on catching up, but any time you do have a chance to blog, it will be well-received. Best of luck with the book.