Saturday, May 27, 2017

Inter-Religious Dialogue

From today's reading:

When Apollos thought of crossing over to Achaia, the brothers encouraged him and wrote asking the disciples to welcome him. When he arrived there he was able by God’s grace to help the believers considerably by the energetic way he refuted the Jews in public and demonstrated from the scriptures that Jesus was the Christ.

Thank God we live in more enlightened times when such sectarianism is discouraged!


  1. There was a piece in our newspaper today remarking on Mrs Trump's decision to wear a mantilla when meeting the Pope but no head-covering when in Saudi Arabia. It certainly seems the opposite to our usual fads when it comes to respect for others. (remember President Robinson turning up at the Vatican dressed in green not long after standing barefoot OUTSIDE a mosque which was being opened in Ireland?)
    The simple reply was that it was the Vatican City's request, the Saudi government gave no protocol whatever.
    Something not related but still unusual :on a government-owned station: tonight's SBS news-this is a station that has one Australia-wide news broadcast- highlighted the plight of two Egyptian Coptic families whom the Australian government is (basically) kicking out because the immigration officials don't seem to think there's sufficient persecution of Christians in Egypt to justify permanent visas on refugee or compassionate status.! It took a new massacre in Egypt before anyone realistically questioned this

    1. Mary Robinson is one woman who would be greatly improved by a burqa.

      That's really shocking about the Copts! Sad that PC has bitten just as deep in Australia.