Saturday, May 13, 2017

Plugging Another Forum

My Irish Conservatives Forum (which has begun to take off) was a sort of spin-off from the Irish Catholics Forum, and was inspired by another spin-off-- the Irish Federalist Forums. So it's only fair to give them a plug here.

This forum was set up by a member of the Irish Catholic Forum who has long argued for a federalist Ireland, along the lines proposed by Desmond Fennell. I've had quite stimulating discussions with him. While I'm not opposed to a federal Ireland, I think culture is much more important than administrative structures. This chap (like Desmond Fennell) also tends to favour a "post-nationalist" Ireland. While I'm very enthusiastic about localism and regionalism, I support them within the umbrella of a unifying nationalism, and not as a successor or alternative to nationalism.

It may be of interest to some.

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