Saturday, May 27, 2017

Too Small A World: The Life Of Francesca Cabrini

This is a title that kept catching my eye when I was researching in the Central Catholic Library. It caught my eye partly because of its position on the shelf and the size of the typeface, but I also find it incredibly evocative.

St. Francesca Cabrini was the Italian founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who ministered to immigrants in America.

Book titles (and film titles, and other titles) are one of those things where I have to constantly restrain my enthusiasm, because I know other people are less enthusiastic about them than I am. I've written at least one blog post about my favourite titles, but I could write a whole series about them. A long series!

Somehow, an evocative title has a power over my imagination which it's impossible to exaggerate. It makes the world seem a better place, life seem more worth living. Seriously! It's an extraordinary thing.

Anything poetic title with "world" in it tends to excite me. The World is Not Enough, a James Bond film, is another.

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