Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Irish Conservatives Forum

Are you Irish, or interested in Ireland? Are you conservative (in any sense of that word)? Well, if so, feel free to register and post on my new Irish Conservatives Forum. It's inspired by the Irish Catholics Forum where I often post.

Public discourse in Ireland is so liberal/progressive, and whatever conservative discourse exists is so balkanized, that I think some more general conservative forum is needed. Balkanization isn't inherently bad, but it has its limits. I'm hoping this forum will be as reflective ad mature as the Irish Catholics Board. (As opposed to, for instance, Politics.ie and Boards.ie, which I've never liked. They may have conservative zones on them, but I hope this will have a different flavour.)

I've thrown a few introductory posts up. This new venture may sink or it may swim. I'll give it a go, anyway. All registrations and postings would be much appreciated, in any case.


  1. Hmmmm.... It was a bit more complicated and seems a bit more intellectual...I can't imagine you'll really have time to write on both on a very regular basis?

    1. Yes, you are probably right!

    2. I wasn't really able to enter it-much to your relief, no doubt.
      But my post was actually a question, regarding the favourite Irish politician, I remember when they had the decisive abortion bill a few years ago a lady(youthful, nice looking lady) was expelled or had to resign from Fine Gael for not obeying the Whip. She then founded a Party (that would be pro Life) and I remember wondering whether the momentum would last until the next election. Did anything ever come of it? I can't even remember her name

    3. Sorry you couldn't enter it, only three members so far. Ot was Lucinda Creighton who founded Renua, which flopped. She resigned as leader.

    4. It wasnt really a prolife party, the emphasis was more on fiscal conservatism I think.

    5. Yes that was the name.