Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What a Charmer

Here's a comment I left on a recent post on Mark Shea's blog, responding to another commenter who said the whole Confederate statues controversy proves blacks and whites can't live together (Shea's post was celebrating the removal of such statues):

I don't agree with Joey but I understand why more people and more people are thinking like him. The left was supposed to be about colour-blindness, a new era, and transcending race. Instead, their obsession with it deepens and they cry for ever more drastic measures to bring about their desired state of affairs. Even when a black man is elected President of America, Amerika is still raaaaaaaacist. This kind of thing is what drives recruits to the Alt Right.

Oh, and by "the left" I also mean large swathes of the Republican party and of the Catholic Church and the other Christian churches-- sadly. 

Shea's response:

Your whinging excuses for racists are duly noted. It's everybody else's fault that racists like Joey are racists. The Alt Right are the real victims. What bullshit.

What an ass he's become. This is what you get when politics becomes a substitute for religion-- ironically, this is Shea's own constant charge against "conservative Christians", a demographic towards which he has developed an obsessive animosity recently.

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