Thursday, February 9, 2017

Interesting Article by Damian Thompson...

...on the enigmatic nature of this pontificate, here.

Why, asks Thompson, would a Pope who seems far less of a traditionalist than Pope Benedict, now seem poised to succeed where Benedict failed-- in fully reconciling the Society of Pope Pius X to the Holy See?

One anonymous source in the article has this explanation: "“He has zero interest in theology, and therefore he doesn’t really care if we continue to reject Vatican II."

To say that Pope Francis has "zero" interest in theology is surely an exaggeration, but the Holy Father does seem to see Christianity in primarily experiential and interpersonal terms, doctrine being subordinate to these. It seems a feature of his writings that the encounter with Christ and the encounter with others is the essence of Christianity. I think few Catholics would argue with that, but doctrine seems essential even to understand this encounter, and to distinguish what is genuine in it from what is a matter of self-deception.

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