Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Lá le'Bríde Faoi Mhaise

Today is the feast of St. Bridget, "the Mary of Ireland", and one of the three patron saints of Ireland. It is also, in Irish tradition, the first day of Spring.

The item in the picture is a St. Bridget's Cross. I like the St. Bridget's Cross very much, since it is:

1) Christian
2) Irish
3) Traditional

It ticks all my boxes! Maybe I should make it the header image of this blog.

The St. Bridget's Cross used to be the symbol of RTÉ, Ireland's state broadcaster. In fact, I've just discovered it enjoyed this status up until the nineties. I'm surprised by that. By then, RTÉ had well entered onto its bitter crusade against all three of the concepts on my list.

You'll notice that the items on my list don't have full stops after them, nor is there a full stop at the end. I would have done that until recently. But the Chicago Manual of Style, which I'm diligently working through, says it should not be done. So there you go.

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