Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wearing my Library Hat

I'm credited as co-author of an academic paper on the development of an 'Academic Integrity Style Guide' (basically, an online guide telling students how to cite and use footnotes) in the latest issue of Sconul Focus, a library science journal.

My involvement in the actual writing of the article was minimal. The main author invited me and my other colleague to read her draft and make any critiques or contributions. I made hardly any suggestions as it seemed fine to me. So I felt bad to be getting so many plaudits in work. (Getting published in an academic journal is a big deal in the library profession. My other writing isn't even on my colleagues' radar!)

I did, however, do a lot of work on the project the article is describing, so maybe I shouldn't feel so bad.

I'm not wearing my glasses in the photo because they kept reflecting the flash of the camera. I like my glasses. I'm a proud speccy.

I had actually tried to write a blog post on the project, for an inter-library blog post competition, but it was hard to make it interesting. I personally find libraries fascinating, but the nitty-gritty of library work is something that it's hard to write about for a non-library audience. So I wrote about something else in the end, the book exchange outside the library. (I didn't get anywhere.)

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